Your Ultimate Guide to Buying a Smart T.V.

Talk about TV in the world today and you’ll get a lot of white noise back about how no one is watching it anymore. It’s a complete myth: People still love to watch tv, the methods of watching have just changed and OTT is more popular than ever. Instead of tuning into the network every night, things have gotten a little more sophisticated platform wise (think game consoles, your tablet, and smart TVs), and MCNs like Footprint, Netflix, and Amazon Prime are taking over the eyeballs.

How do we know? A study by Nielsen in the fall of 2017 confirms that 58.7% of TV-owning households have an internet-enabled device to stream content on a television set. Break that into real numbers and you’ve got 13.4 million households with smart TVs in America. What does that tell you? That if you don’t have one yet, you’re missing out.

Outside of your tablet or smartphone, a smart TV is one of the most useful electronics you can have, especially as OTT becomes more and more relevant. And as smart TVs become more standard across the board, you should consider how investing in an enabled television can improve the 5+ hours of time you spend watching TV a day. Ready to dive into finding one that’s right for you? We can help.

Key Considerations When Buying A Smart TV

  1. Size
  2. Capabilities
  3. Picture Quality


We’ll get right to it: Size matters. And it matters whether you’re buying a smart TV or just a regular old TV, and it’s not too difficult to understand why. After all, if the point is to watch something it obviously comes down to bigger is better. But now that we’ve gotten that out of the way, what’s really realistic?

THX has got a theory: The average household sits about nine feet away from their TV and proposes that you need a TV that fills at least 40% of your vision. At that distance, your hope of getting a 55” flat screen is not just a pipe dream. But regardless of distance and field of vision, we always suggest getting as big as you can afford. It’ll just make the entire experience a whole lot better.


You buy a smart TV for the perks. Internet is a given, but there’s plenty of other reasons why one smart TV is better for you, and it all comes down to how you plan on using it. Here are some questions to consider as you shop so that you’re factoring in exactly what kind of “extras” will be the best for you:

  • What will you use this tv primarily for? Is it for gaming? Fitness? Or maybe just plain o’l family movie night? Depending on what kind of end result you imagine, you can find TVs that cater to reaching those end goals.
  • How great are you at keeping up with a remote?
    If one of the things you hate most about your TV is that you always lose the remote and then can never watch what you want to watch, when you want to watch it, you need to consider getting a TV that allows you to drive with your smartphone or tablet — or even just with your voice.
  • Interested in watching 3D at home?
    If you’re into the high-tech thing, 3D capabilities at home can be a HUGE game changer. From movie to sports to games, getting a different dimension can mean enjoying your entertainment that much more. So if you’re interested in it, you definitely should consider it when shopping for a smart TV.

Picture Quality

We talked about size, we talked about perks, now it’s time to get down to the really important differentiator between products: the picture quality.

There are a lot of different terms that get thrown around by sales guys when they’re pitching that 82” behemoth that you’re trying to imagine in your home theater, but what does it all mean? We’ve taken the liberty of breaking down some of the most important buzzwords you’ll see, so when you’re in buy-mode, you’ll know a thing or two about what you want.

    1. HD vs. Ultra HD (4K): The difference between HD and Ultra HD comes down to pixels — and where the new standard is going to fall. Most smart TVs these days have 4K pixels, so to keep up with the crowd (and the broadcasters), investing in Ultra HD will be your best option.
    2. HZ rate: HZ rate refers to how many times per second the screen image is updated, and it’s pretty easy to understand: The higher the number is, the clearer the image becomes. While the current industry standard is at 60, 120 is becoming more popular, and definitely delivers a better picture.
    3. LCD vs. Plasma: When it comes to choosing between LCD, LED, and Plasma, it comes down to budget and preference. While LCDs are the cheapest option on the market, they’re also the bulkiest because the liquid crystal display relies on light shining from behind the screens to light up the liquid crystal cells. Plasma uses completely different technology — gas cells that act as tubes to emit light between two sheets of glass — and present the best picture in dark rooms. So consider where your smart tv will be in your house, and whether you need an option that caters to certain light and weight specifications. If you’re just in it for the picture, go with plasma — it definitely has a superior picture quality.

What To Buy
Now that you have the features in mind, here are some of the top smart T.V.s on the market right now:

1. Sony BRAVIA XBR A1E Series

Features: High Definition, Smart TV, 24p Playback

Weight: 65.7 lbs

Screen size: 65 in

Display type: OLED

HDTV format: 4K

2. Samsung NU8000

Features: Premium UHD TV, 360 Design, ENERGY STAR® Certified

Weight: 37.7 lbs

Screen size: 55 in

Display type: LED

HDTV format: 4K

3. LG SK9000

Feature: α7 Intelligent Processor, ENERGY STAR® Certified

Weight: 58.6 lbs

Screen size: 64 in

Display type: LCD

HDTV format: 4K

Have any smart TV favorite hacks we should know about? Comment below to share your favorite features or tricks for getting the smart TV that’s right for you. Now all that’s left is to stock up on binge-worthy snacks and get to streaming!


7 GIFS That Prove You Should Never Binge Watch Without A Snack

It’s Saturday night. You’ve gotten out of hanging with your friends — is that a tickle in your throat? — and your pj’s are on fleek. You’ve more or less created an adult pillow fort on the couch and now there’s only one thing missing: snacks. Call us old-fashioned, but years of the “movie theatre experience” has primed us for the expectation of something delicious to munch on — or accidentally spill everywhere when things pop out of nowhere — as we watch our favorite shows on Enadvo’s Footprint network. So here are our movie snack favorites (inspired by our GIF favorites) that will make your binge-watch session just the BEST SATURDAY NIGHT EVER.

1. Popcorn

Yep, we had to go there. Why? Because there is absolutely nothing like the sound of popcorn to get you in the mood for a good movie or show — just look how happy Colbert is. And with popcorn, the flavor options are endless: movie theatre butter, kettle corn, white cheddar, Himalayan salt, “light” if you’re into that. So go crazy — or go classic — either way, your taste buds will thank you.

2. Nachos

When you’re at the point of total adoration where petting your food is just as satisfying as eating it, you know you’ve hit a goldmine. Great to share and super easy to make, nachos give you the flexibility you need so you don’t have to miss a single minute of screen time to kill the tummy rumbles. Plus, they’re the perfect vehicle for a variety of toppings. Love ghost peppers? Do it. This is your party, and yes, you can cry if you want to, and you probably will, if you eat those things, ya crazy.

3. Wine

There has never been a better companion piece to life — whether it’s going down for real or it’s happening on screen to someone else. Pop all the corks and get out all the glasses. With le vino, it’s better to go all or nothing.

4. Dips on dips on dips

Can we just take a minute to appreciate how awesome dip is? Not even one dip, but all the dips: salsa, guac, hummus, pimento cheese, queso, ranch, artichoke, honey sriracha. Why choose!? Treat yourself and set up the ultimate dip spread for endless options. The best part? The options for things to dip are limitless too, so go crazy. We dare you.

5. Cheese Plate

Doesn’t matter if you’re watching Downton Abbey or Beevus and Butt-Head, there’s a certain je ne sais quois to the cheese plate. It’s fancy, it’s delicious, and it only requires that you unwrap the plastic before diving in face first. So grab a plate and get into the gourmet mood with the easiest, most escalated snack the world has ever known (no need to fact check that statement, we’ve eaten a lot of snacks and we know).

6. Beef Jerky

You can make your own (we trust Bon Appétit’s Brad Leone for this kind of magic) or you can get store bought: We’re not picky. The point is that you put a delicious piece of meat in your hand that requires some attention. When you’re in it for the long haul — think tackling every season of Adultish in one sitting — you’ll appreciate a snack that goes the extra mile.

7. Ice Cream

An ice cream pint: The ultimate single person snack. To that we say, lean in. Lean in all the way and finish the pint on your own terms (there’s absolutely no shame in delicious frozen desserts). So grab a spoon, chow down on your favorite flavor, and snuggle under the covers. You deserve this. Happy viewing!


OTT Has The Power To Transform Local Economies — Here’s How.

More than 77 years ago Bulova Watch Co. preempted a Brooklyn Dodgers v. Philadelphia Phillies game at Ebbets Field in New York with a short spot: Viewers watched as a second hand ticked across a Bulova clock face. It would be the video spot seen around the country — and the beginning of tens of billions of dollars of revenue generation. It was the first ad ever aired on television.

Video content has come a long way since 1941. Now we watch it on our phones, on small TVs embedded in our car headrests, while we pump gas at the gas station. And generating revenue has come a long way from the second hand of a clock, too. Now brand marketing doesn’t have to splash across a paid ad between your regularly scheduled programming — it can be delivered around stories and within them. It’s a big difference for everyone, but especially for local economies looking to make their mark.

As cities struggle to distinguish themselves outside of the requisite hipster coffee shops, microbreweries, and artisan shops, there is an untapped resource that will truly set them apart and define their voice: their native content creators. And with those native storytellers comes the audience, and with the audience comes the sponsorship opportunities. Lots of them — as long as you have the platforms able to provide them.

A video distribution automation (VDA) platform like Endavo enables cities to do a couple of things. First, it allows cities to customize their message, build their own platform, and share their identity through a turnkey video solution. It also distributes that message to the world: Think Roku, Apple TV, YouTube, and more. But more than that, it gives cities the opportunity to market their businesses and brands like pros. Completely customizable, a VDA platform like Endavo will help you build top dollar sponsorships on a local scale with global influence. With a custom-built VDA from Endavo, local brands can:

  • Build their own channel. Have a company who creates a lot of their own content? Enable them to reach a bigger audience by hosting — and distributing — their content from one place.
  • Sponsor live-streamed events.  Signature city events can turn into big revenue builders with our platforms live-streaming capabilities and the ability to sponsor the live channels.
  • Directly sponsor content creators with ads. Allow members to build traditional, or non-traditional, spots for certain channels.
  • Indirectly sponsor content creators with funding. Pair members with creators who have a common goal, and give sponsor and creator the opportunity to build a mutually beneficial relationship.
  • Launch advertising content on the network at large. Why stop at one channel? For the big players, advertising across the entire network can be just the right move — whether that be with banner ads, ad spots, or more.

With Endavo, cities get a turn-key marketing solution that can pay for itself with sponsorships — and cities can get started today. Our platform runs entirely on its own, and doesn’t require a full-time person to run it — the only thing you’ll need to do is outline the customization you crave to build your city’s unique identity. The best part?  Endavo will provide the weekly, monthly, or as-needed support you need to succeed.

Want to see how your city can benefit from VDA opportunities and sponsorships? Get started with a FREE demo here.

Footprint Network

Endavo Media’s FOOTPRINT Network brings entertainment and lifestyle content to life

FOOTPRINT Network is a multi-channel network powered by Endavo’s VDA platform delivering inclusive, creative content direct from the creators to the audience with innovative OTT technology.

“It’s not just about giving creators the ability to manage their channel. Endavo provides the ability to grow the business, and we’re seeing that work incredibly well through FOOTPRINT Network. As soon as Dark Zone or Binge wants to launch their own apps, they can do that with Endavo. We can help them grow by syndicating through networks, social media, managing YouTube channels, pushing content to their apps, and more.”  - Paul Hamm, founder of Endavo Media & CEO of FOOTPRINT Network


FOOTPRINT Network began as, a platform designed to leverage the opportunity of OTT technology to support and power local content creators. By building a unique platform using Endavo Media’s innovative infrastructure, provided creators with the ability to establish their brand without having to rely on the major distribution channels like YouTube and Vimeo.


Despite a state-of-the-art framework, never received the capital it needed to dominate within the OTT market. As an original collaborator on the project, Paul Hamm, founder of Endavo Media, decided to purchase the network and brand to devote the resources it needed to succeed.

“ was a great idea that I embraced, but it never really got off the ground,” says Hamm. “We liked the domain, the name, and the brand. Plus they had a nice base of content creators already in place, a content base that we already had an established relationship with. That’s why we decided to acquire the brand and the rights to the content creators — it was a very easy transaction for us. We shelved it for a few months and then relaunched it as FOOTPRINT Network.”

With direct competition from other OTT platforms within the market, Hamm and his team focused on updating the essential framework of the Endavo platform itself, allowing FOOTPRINT to bring the creative, competitive edge to dominate the market.


  • Provide competitive pricing for content creators to monetize their content
  • Enable content creators to syndicate across many networks and channels from one dashboard
  • Establish additional marketing opportunities through syndication, apps, and more


Less than a year after relaunching, FOOTPRINT Network is already seeing meteoric accomplishment for many of its channels and television shows, including Adultish, who’s seasons two and three syndications on FOOTPRINT enabled them to continue producing. “Adultish is raising capital for season four as a result of being on the platform and getting that exposure,” says Hamm. “Moving forward, the Adultish team wants us to roll our sleeves up and help them with development. We see it as one of FOOTPRINT’s main projects in the future.”

In addition to the success of many creators, the platform itself also received valuable updates in the process, including additional syndication and marketing opportunities. “FOOTPRINT is the premier network where we built all of our new MCN infrastructures,” says Hamm. “New apps, all the frameworks for digital media players like Apple TV and Roku, as well as the mobile distribution opportunities for apps. With FOOTPRINT, the new updates to our Endavo platform happened in parallel so that both our network and our customers can see the rollouts that we’re selling today.”


With a platform already built for creators to expand their audience reach, FOOTPRINT’s next move is to take a step back — all the way back to the production process. “We’re really focused on massaging the FOOTPRINT message and structure to become a development network and studio designed specifically for creators,” says Hamm. “We’re exploring different genres — scripted series, film, music, unscripted series — with the intention of establishing ourselves as the premier incubation and distribution development platform in the industry.”


YouTube v. The Little Guy — Who Wins?

YouTube has over 1.8 billion users every month now, inching closer and closer to Facebook’s 2 billion. But of those 1.8 billion logged in viewers, it’s estimated that only 500,000 have followers above 10K (that’s a .02% piece for you math geeks out there). Why is that significant? Because of the new YouTube monetization policy that rolled out this year, tightening up the monetization policy even more.

In 2017, YouTube capped the possibility for channel monetization at 10,000-lifetime views. In 2018, they upped the ante and added new qualifications, including knocking channels with under 1,000 subscribers and less than 4,000 hours of view time per year out of the running for monetization.

So while this is great for YouTube — it means they have to pay out less for your content’s viewership — it’s not so great for the little guy just getting started. Statistics show that if you’ve got 10-15% activity on your videos, a 10K channel is not going to be enough to knock out that 4,000 hours of view time unless you’re just a content machine. Rough, right? Well here’s where it’s going to hurt even more:

1. It encourages the use of spammy services that offer to get channels followers for a fee.

We all know those services — you pay a simple “fee” and then your follower numbers go exponentially up. There are two big problems with that: everyone could find out, and those “real people” could be, in actuality, not real.

While having to admit that you bought followers might just be a hit to your ego, the fact that you might not be buying “real” followers has actual consequences, including the fact that they may never interact with your channel in any way. So if your plan was to get a bunch of followers to hit the 1000 threshold, that’s great, but it won’t have any effect on the other part of the new rule: the 4,000 hours of view time per year.

2. YouTube is calling this an opportunity for them to be choosy about content.

In the release, YouTube said these measures would “allow them to significantly improve their ability to identify creators who contribute positively to the community and help drive more ad revenue to them.” While this jargon seems positive toward creators, it actually means YouTube has created an unspoken guideline for keeping the content off the platform that they don’t want, and here’s what’s going unsaid: If you’re not growing fast enough, we don’t want you.

3. This only protects the advertiser from showing on “low viewership” channels and doesn’t help the creator.

YouTube has a platform because of the content that creators like you are making — how come this new rule is actively trying to lean in favor of the advertiser? Because YouTube is looking out for its own money flow, rather than the health of the people who made their platform one of the biggest in the social realm. Now the young content creators who were using the extra income to invest back in their business and eventually get to the big leagues are out of luck.

So what options do authentic, small creators have? They can wait for the laws to change, stick it out until their subscribers and views to go up, or they can discover additional content streaming platforms like Endavo’s digital network.

With our custom OTT platform, you get to monetize exactly how you want, stream through multiple platforms, and syndicate across channels (including YouTube). Let us help you automate your distribution across your own apps, OTT platforms, and social networks from a single management system. You make the content, your publish, you gather the viewers (we can help!), and then you make money however you want — it’s that simple.

Want to try Endavo? Click here for a FREE demo

Monetize your video content

Is It Time To Monetize Your Video Content? Here’s What You Need To Know.

If you’re a content creator, you know that all the current platforms out there have rules for how and when you can make money. Normally there’s a complicated formula that targets your followers and views and in the end, it doesn’t often benefit you as the creator.

Endavo gives you the option to create your own OTT video network, which will give you full control over the network, or simply to create your own channel on one of Endavo’s partner digital networks (ex:,, all the while giving you the ability to monetize your very own content. Whether you are part of Endavo’s digital networks or ready for your own OTT service, here are the ways to monetize through Endavo.

1. Platform subscription services

Netflix does it, Hulu does it, Endavo does it. The strategy of subscription services is simple, efficient, and very successful, which is why we make it an option for your platform. You get to choose your rates and your packages so that you’re one step closer to reaching your financial goals.

2. Content sponsorship

Looking for a clever marketing option to fund your platform and content creation? We’ve got the capabilities that make it possible for you to leverage your skills and find appropriate partners that have the cash. You can choose the sponsored content or sponsor all of your content — whichever works best for you and your partners.

3. Live pay-per-view

If you’ve got the numbers, we’ll help you with the dollars. Live events are a great way to attract an audience and build a subscription base that will convert to paying customers. So leverage your content, influencer, and social media following straight to your platform and we’ll enable you with the resources to turn each pair of eyeballs into live event revenue.

4. OTT network syndication

Looking for predictable revenue? We’ve got the capabilities that will make your content ready for the money stream that comes along with syndicating your content to different platforms. While Netflix and Amazon are obvious goals for many content creators, we are developing relationships with emerging OTT networks and platforms seeking content partnerships – just for you.

5. Donations

People want to give to what they like. If you’re creative and want to enable your followers to support your work, we have the platform that will allow them to donate directly to your tip jar. After all, you’ve built the engaged community with your stellar content, so now it’s time to turn your popularity into a resource for you.

6. Crowdfunding

Got big ideas and a budget that doesn’t match? No problem. Endavo’s particularly equipped for helping out with crowdfunding and getting you the start-up capital you need. With a strong subscriber base and viewers, we can help you convert your reach into actionable cash that allows you to keep powering forward with the content your audience loves.

Endavo allows you to have control over your content without the frustration of feeling like you have to bend to someone else’s rules. Standing out amongst the crowd of people trying to make money off their creative content shouldn’t be a luxury. Endavo gives content creators the freedom and revenue to back up their ideas so they can grow exponentially.

Want to learn more about how Endavo can help you monetize your content? Go ahead and get in touch with us — we’ll set you up with a free consultation AND a free demo.

See Endavo Now

Endavo and Binge Networks

BINGE Networks delivers premium media network access and influencer marketing solutions to content creators and brands

Using Endavo’s video distribution automation (VDA) platform, BINGE Networks engages with content producers to effortlessly syndicate content to more than 50 top television outlets worldwide.


  • 1500 videos hosted
  • 700 episodes produced
  • 200 channels

“Visually we wanted our platform to be on par with Netflix or Hulu. Endavo allows for that functionality. And from a technological standpoint, we wanted to be able to syndicate the contents of all of our different partners. Before it was manual, but now with Endavo’s syndication feeds we can automatically get the content where it needs to go.” – Bonnie Bruderer, founder of BINGE Networks


With many years of production, syndication, and media start-up experience under her belt, Bonnie Bruderer utilized her expertise in digital marketing to create BINGE, a media company empowering creators and brands with the resources and capital necessary to access premium media outlets and networks.

After years of working with major networks and OTT contracts to distribute BINGE’s original content, Bruderer realized that there was an opportunity for her company to bypass the entire process by creating an original, customized platform.


For content creators, the digital market is so saturated with content on a few, key platforms that many first-time producers struggle to target their main demographic. To solve this problem, BINGE Network’s goal was to create a new, inexpensive opportunity where influencers could upload their videos and have it populate to different destinations in multiple categories.

Already streaming syndicated content on Endavo’s Footprint Network platform through a single channel, BINGE Networks chose Endavo to create a complete distribution system that catered to their technical and aesthetic needs while expanding their reach exponentially.


  • Automatic distribution across multiple platforms and channels including Roku, Tivo, Apple TV, and more
  • Professional end user dashboard
  • Streamlined content hosting for all partners


With Endavo’s client-facing dashboard and automation expertise, BINGE is able to give its customers an all-in-one content distribution system supplemented with influencer marketing solutions. “We deliver a white label solution within our network, where people can upload a video once and have it populate in 50 different places,” says Bruderer. “And we pair that with social media campaigns so that we’re a full-service content solution.”

“We just brought on a third-party technology from a company we’ve partnered with for a while. It can auto-publish content like a Facebook live video or a podcast straight to a BINGE channel, which creates a huge new market for us. Endavo saw the value in it, and incorporated it into our existing platform.” – Bonnie Bruderer, founder of BINGE Network


With an established platform, BINGE Network’s next move will expand the company’s offerings in key categories to target influencer-based content. “We’re focused on foodies, entertainment, and travel,” says Bruderer. “We’re also transitioning huge influencers to move from platforms like YouTube to our new platform that engages all of these fresh audiences.”

When it comes to the big picture, BINGE is looking to become a household name with the platform. “We want to be in the market like Facebook or Instagram, for people to say: ‘Check it out on BINGE,’” explains Bruderer. “That’s our drive and push: to be part of everyday conversation.”

multichannel network

Metro Atlanta’s Chamber leverages local creators with OTT multi-channel network

THEA is a multi-channel video network owned by ChooseATL where creators promote engaging, inspiring work, from documentaries to mini-series. Powered by Endavo’s video distribution automation (VDA) platform, viewers get access to a community focused on the modern cultural identity of Atlanta, GA.


  • 9 content categories
  • 40+ channel partners
  • 150+ videos
  • 7 apps
  • 5000+ downloads

“THEA gives Atlanta the opportunity to be a mecca of enterprise and entertainment in the digital world. THEA allows us to tell Atlanta’s story around the world in an unprecedented way while also positioning our content creators in an optimal way to be discovered. We now have the tool and the content that will accelerate and curate this discoverability thanks to Endavo.” – Kate Atwood. Executive Director, ChooseATL


THEA is the multi-channel network of ChooseATL, Metro Atlanta Chamber’s innovative and entrepreneurial millennial outreach project. A dedicated showcase of Atlanta’s lifestyle and culture, ChooseATL aims to evolve perceptions and engage the next generation of Atlanta.

The company’s forward-thinking culture encouraged them to search for a marketing solution that was highly automated and had the ability to target a digitally-minded generation with content created by them, for them.


As Millennials take over in terms of volume and new talent, cities throughout the country are starting to feel and understand the change in the workforce, including Atlanta. With a net loss migration in Atlanta of 18-34-year-olds to cities like LA and New York, ChooseATL’s focus turned to attract millennial talent through marketing campaigns.

In addition, ChooseATL had a huge national and even global awareness problem where few outside of the Southeast knew of Atlanta’s technological and economic growth. The company was looking for a platform solution that would appeal to a younger market, have global reach, incorporate crowd-sourced content, and was both easy to set up and maintain. Of the programs that the ChooseATL team explored, Endavo’s intuitive software and modern design was the best fit for end users and project goals.


  1. Create a cultural identity for Atlanta that appeals to the modern market
  2. Broaden Metro Atlanta’s marketing focus to appeal to diverse industries and cultures
  3. Build a platform that allows creatives and audiences to be at the source of influence


Six months after launching THEA, ChooseATL has increased engagement across the board and has begun to curate content to accelerate Atlanta’s discoverability in a non-traditional, contemporary way. “The thing that is happening in Atlanta right now isn’t happening anywhere else in the world,” explains Kate Atwood, ChooseATL Executive Director. “We’re not just in a technology boom, we’re not just in a creative industry boom. We’re the market that’s having both at the same time, and THEA gives us the tool to give rise to both of those things so they favor each other and give us a great competitive advantage in attracting the next generation to Atlanta.”

“Both Endavo and my team were magically aligned. If Endavo didn’t have a vision, we wouldn’t be where we are. We came to Endavo knowing that they would really have to understand the value of working with us as a non-traditional network, and it has turned into this wonderful partnership.” – Kate Atwood. Executive Director, ChooseATL


While currently funded by investments from the city, THEA’s next move will be monetizing the platform with the creators in mind. “We’re at a point where we need another investment round,” says Kate. “And we’re looking to move to an ad-revenue split of 70-30 in favor of the creators. We look forward to building revenue share to keep us growing, as well as our partners.”

subscription service

Are you ready to launch your own subscription service?

In 2017, the gap between cable versus online streaming services fell to a record low. According to a Pew Research Center study, traditional TV consumers were 59% of the market, while online subscription services crept up to 29%. If you break it down by age—particularly the 18-29 category—the numbers are even more alarming: 61% of users watch with an OTT service and only 31% still subscribe to traditional cable.

Don’t be astounded by this complete reversal of viewing habits—it’s the future of video content sharing, and it’s coming fast!

From Netflix to Amazon Prime, Hulu to YouTube, OTT services have completely disrupted the established flow of content consumption, with creatives breaking past the traditional roadblocks and heading straight for the consumer. Viewers no longer need cable to watch their favorite shows, and companies don’t have to rely on advertisements to generate income.

However, even over-the-top giants like YouTube have their problems for a new creator looking to promote their work. Not only are the gatekeepers of these hosting services getting more steep when it comes to payout, but customization options are also extremely limited. How can you build your brand on a platform you don’t own? It’s really difficult to do, which is why the evolution of OTT is quickly progressing toward personalized streaming services.

What businesses, local organizations, and creators can benefit from their own streaming service?

When your goal is to showcase unique video offerings, expand your brand through breakthrough online media, and appeal to niche markets and special interest groups, your best option is to create your own streaming channel or multichannel network. With everyone competing for content growth and opportunity, a personalized OTT service can be the most effective solution.

Here are some of the perks of creating your own channel or network:

  1. You get all the content and branding control with your own service. Plus, you can customize the user experience and functionality of multi-screen delivery, VOD, live streaming, linear, and catch-up TV features, making you the master of your content.
  2. All the viewers stay on your channel when you host your own content. With your own apps, you’re at less risk of moving your audience away from your product.
  3. You can optimize for TV, web, mobile, and tablet experiences — everywhere your audience is. Plus, by providing your own apps, you can increase signups by more than 20% over a website alone.
  4. You get everything you need from one centralized system, which means one control center, one content management workflow, and one place to build your brand.
  5. Get paid for your work, from patron and crowdfunding opportunities to digital sponsorships and subscriptions.

How you can develop your own streaming channel.

So how do you actually start your own streaming channel?

Using a professional service like Endavo’s video distribution automation (VDA) platform has many advantages. As a web-based administrative portal for managing and monetizing digital media, we’ve got the ability to set up your channel, distribution network, apps, subscription plans, workflow processes and much more, to get you established and ready to stream to your fans in no time.

Here’s what we excel at:

  • Media Management System: Our VDA software is optimized for managing, publishing and monetizing VOD and digital media services across all the OTT platforms and networks. With different platform levels and flexible workflow features, you can customize our application to your exact needs.
  • Content Delivery & Management: From VOD and live streaming workflows to  multiscreen delivery and global CDN services, our full support and multi-format delivery is second to none in advanced features.
  • Syndication: With Endavo, you can aggregate creator channels and publish channels to other OTT service providers with multiple pricing models or optimize for social network syndication. Add that to our other commerce opportunities: integrated merchant gateways, rental price and PPV templates, subscription plan management, and integrated advertising – everything you need to be profitable is at your fingertips.
  • Reporting & Analytics: With detailed content delivery and viewing stats, performance and engagement data, media inventory lists, engagement figures, syndication metrics and more, you’ll know exactly where your content is thriving, and where there’s room to improve.

As one of the pioneers of this subscription-only platform technology, we’ve built our completely customizable software around empowering small businesses, independent creators, and the viewer to discover the power of over-the-top programming. Based in Atlanta, we believe there’s a lot of opportunity for the little guy to get a piece of the streaming revenue, and that’s exactly why we’re working toward a better streaming standard.

From content and branding control to creating apps, we’ve created more than a blank slate—we’ve also built all the tools to take you from start-up to established.

Want to explore your OTT options? Get the details here.

Endavo at OTT EXEC Summit 2018

Join us at OTT EXEC SUMMIT 2018

Endavo is pleased to be a Gold sponsor for the 6th annual OTT Executive Summit (, June 5th at the Marriott Marquis in New York City’s Times Square. The OTT Executive Summit is a gathering of industry leaders across the TV/video landscape where we discuss the major business trends and technology moving the industry forward. It is a one-day format that includes excellent speakers and also five hours of networking time across breakfast, lunch, and an early evening cocktail reception.

As a sponsor we are offering a $100 discount to our customers and partners. Use promo code “Endavo” or this direct link to access the discount: CLICK HERE


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