Endavo and Binge Networks

BINGE Networks delivers premium media network access and influencer marketing solutions to content creators and brands

Using Endavo’s video distribution automation (VDA) platform, BINGE Networks engages with content producers to effortlessly syndicate content to more than 50 top television outlets worldwide.


  • 1500 videos hosted
  • 700 episodes produced
  • 200 channels

“Visually we wanted our platform to be on par with Netflix or Hulu. Endavo allows for that functionality. And from a technological standpoint, we wanted to be able to syndicate the contents of all of our different partners. Before it was manual, but now with Endavo’s syndication feeds we can automatically get the content where it needs to go.” – Bonnie Bruderer, founder of BINGE Networks


With many years of production, syndication, and media start-up experience under her belt, Bonnie Bruderer utilized her expertise in digital marketing to create BINGE, a media company empowering creators and brands with the resources and capital necessary to access premium media outlets and networks.

After years of working with major networks and OTT contracts to distribute BINGE’s original content, Bruderer realized that there was an opportunity for her company to bypass the entire process by creating an original, customized platform.


For content creators, the digital market is so saturated with content on a few, key platforms that many first-time producers struggle to target their main demographic. To solve this problem, BINGE Network’s goal was to create a new, inexpensive opportunity where influencers could upload their videos and have it populate to different destinations in multiple categories.

Already streaming syndicated content on Endavo’s Footprint Network platform through a single channel, BINGE Networks chose Endavo to create a complete distribution system that catered to their technical and aesthetic needs while expanding their reach exponentially.


  • Automatic distribution across multiple platforms and channels including Roku, Tivo, Apple TV, and more
  • Professional end user dashboard
  • Streamlined content hosting for all partners


With Endavo’s client-facing dashboard and automation expertise, BINGE is able to give its customers an all-in-one content distribution system supplemented with influencer marketing solutions. “We deliver a white label solution within our network, where people can upload a video once and have it populate in 50 different places,” says Bruderer. “And we pair that with social media campaigns so that we’re a full-service content solution.”

“We just brought on a third-party technology from a company we’ve partnered with for a while. It can auto-publish content like a Facebook live video or a podcast straight to a BINGE channel, which creates a huge new market for us. Endavo saw the value in it, and incorporated it into our existing platform.” – Bonnie Bruderer, founder of BINGE Network


With an established platform, BINGE Network’s next move will expand the company’s offerings in key categories to target influencer-based content. “We’re focused on foodies, entertainment, and travel,” says Bruderer. “We’re also transitioning huge influencers to move from platforms like YouTube to our new platform that engages all of these fresh audiences.”

When it comes to the big picture, BINGE is looking to become a household name with the platform. “We want to be in the market like Facebook or Instagram, for people to say: ‘Check it out on BINGE,’” explains Bruderer. “That’s our drive and push: to be part of everyday conversation.”

multichannel network

Metro Atlanta’s Chamber leverages local creators with OTT multi-channel network

THEA is a multi-channel video network owned by ChooseATL where creators promote engaging, inspiring work, from documentaries to mini-series. Powered by Endavo’s video distribution automation (VDA) platform, viewers get access to a community focused on the modern cultural identity of Atlanta, GA.


  • 9 content categories
  • 40+ channel partners
  • 150+ videos
  • 7 apps
  • 5000+ downloads

“THEA gives Atlanta the opportunity to be a mecca of enterprise and entertainment in the digital world. THEA allows us to tell Atlanta’s story around the world in an unprecedented way while also positioning our content creators in an optimal way to be discovered. We now have the tool and the content that will accelerate and curate this discoverability thanks to Endavo.” – Kate Atwood. Executive Director, ChooseATL


THEA is the multi-channel network of ChooseATL, Metro Atlanta Chamber’s innovative and entrepreneurial millennial outreach project. A dedicated showcase of Atlanta’s lifestyle and culture, ChooseATL aims to evolve perceptions and engage the next generation of Atlanta.

The company’s forward-thinking culture encouraged them to search for a marketing solution that was highly automated and had the ability to target a digitally-minded generation with content created by them, for them.


As Millennials take over in terms of volume and new talent, cities throughout the country are starting to feel and understand the change in the workforce, including Atlanta. With a net loss migration in Atlanta of 18-34-year-olds to cities like LA and New York, ChooseATL’s focus turned to attract millennial talent through marketing campaigns.

In addition, ChooseATL had a huge national and even global awareness problem where few outside of the Southeast knew of Atlanta’s technological and economic growth. The company was looking for a platform solution that would appeal to a younger market, have global reach, incorporate crowd-sourced content, and was both easy to set up and maintain. Of the programs that the ChooseATL team explored, Endavo’s intuitive software and modern design was the best fit for end users and project goals.


  1. Create a cultural identity for Atlanta that appeals to the modern market
  2. Broaden Metro Atlanta’s marketing focus to appeal to diverse industries and cultures
  3. Build a platform that allows creatives and audiences to be at the source of influence


Six months after launching THEA, ChooseATL has increased engagement across the board and has begun to curate content to accelerate Atlanta’s discoverability in a non-traditional, contemporary way. “The thing that is happening in Atlanta right now isn’t happening anywhere else in the world,” explains Kate Atwood, ChooseATL Executive Director. “We’re not just in a technology boom, we’re not just in a creative industry boom. We’re the market that’s having both at the same time, and THEA gives us the tool to give rise to both of those things so they favor each other and give us a great competitive advantage in attracting the next generation to Atlanta.”

“Both Endavo and my team were magically aligned. If Endavo didn’t have a vision, we wouldn’t be where we are. We came to Endavo knowing that they would really have to understand the value of working with us as a non-traditional network, and it has turned into this wonderful partnership.” – Kate Atwood. Executive Director, ChooseATL


While currently funded by investments from the city, THEA’s next move will be monetizing the platform with the creators in mind. “We’re at a point where we need another investment round,” says Kate. “And we’re looking to move to an ad-revenue split of 70-30 in favor of the creators. We look forward to building revenue share to keep us growing, as well as our partners.”


We are thrilled to announce the launch of MainStream Latinos on the FOOTPRINT Network! This new entertainment and lifestyle channel will provide engaging content for the American Latino market, produced by MainStream Media Ent., Inc., and will break the stereotypes of traditional mainstream American media portrayals of the American Latino lifestyle.


The full press release:

Atlanta, Georgia (January 9, 2017) – Just in time for the New Year, FOOTPRINT NETWORK is proud to announce the launch of its newest channel, MAINSTREAM LATINOS.

Focusing on the goal of creating engaging and positive content for a market severely underserved, MAINSTREAM MEDIA ENT, INC. CEO Zandra Rivera is targeting the ever-expanding American Latino market with world-class, high-quality content which removes media stereotypes of the American Latino demographic, to represent these diverse people in a realistic and modern way.

“I will continue to operate as a Renaissance woman while remaining a visionary leader within the Media industry. As a creative and engaging individual, I am passionate about inspiring future generations via innovative media platforms to positively transform the human landscape.” states Rivera.

With 7 new series premiering on January 9, 2018 on FOOTPRINT NETWORK and another 6 series in development, Rivera aims to celebrate the American Latino lifestyle. Explore the series descriptions below.

DIVERSITY IN HOLLYWOOD: DIVERSITY IN HOLLYWOOD, an original documentary series hosted by Zandra Rivera, uncovers some rather interesting and intimate perspectives from Hollywood celebrity insiders themselves.

HOLLYWOOD VIBE: Get the inside scoop on your favorite multicultural mega-stars, what’s hot and what’s not. Hosted by some of the sexiest people of color!

NO REGRETS: NO REGRETS is a dramatic comedy originally scripted series following the lives of nine men & women in their 20s as they explore the truth of what the Millennial generation is confronted with. Living in the moment seems to be the only solution.

MAKING SEX: MAKING SEX compels the viewer to take a closer look at male & female archetypal relationships. In today’s society we “Make Sex,” no longer do we “Make Love”, “Why?”

GREENTV: GREENTV is hosted by environmental experts and “green” hosts from around the globe, who commit their daily lives to transform the way we live and take care of our environment for future generations!!

SABORES!: Adventure around the globe sampling Latin American Cuisine, hosted by comedian – Zandra Rivera. Explore the history, cultures, and rich flavors of Latin America as “Sabores” (flavors) brings them home to you!

ROCKSTAR REALITY: ROCKSTAR REALITY is a reality series based on ex-bad boy, “Kae Rocco” Jr., who grew up in Chicago’s roughest Mexican neighborhood’s, “La Villita.” Experience the harsh realities of growing up and surviving on these mean streets. Kae’s journey unfolds as he strives to live a better life by following his passion, barbering.  What happens when he opens a barbershop and tattoo parlor called “RockStar”?

In addition to the above titles, MAINSTREAM LATINOS also has 6 additional titles that will be premiering soon: CHRYSALIS, HEALTHY YOU, SEXY CARS & RACING, FASHIONISTA TV, NO INNMIGRANTES, LUCHA LIBRE AMERICANOD.


Founder Zandra Rivera started her first marketing company at age 19. She has built a global network and high-powered team from her wide variety of experience. Zandra has an understanding of the distinctive marketing trends and intricacies of global consumerism. Her main focus on the American Latino market has pinpointed the gaps in available content and developed in-house projects to meet the needs of this billion-dollar industry. Rivera is also a professional actor, producer, director, and writer for feature films, series, theater, and commercials, in both English and Spanish. The MSMei team brings over 155 combined years of experience in the entertainment industry. The executive team has worked with Disney, Fox, HBO, Telemundo, Univision, as well as many major corporations, films and television series.

Launched in January 2013, MAINSTREAM MEDIA ENT., INC. focuses on the entertainment industry and corporate sector.

In addition creating vital content for educational platforms to create high quality, world-class media. The company is involved in every aspect of development from pre-production to post-production. Providing video production services as well as other digital content development. A full-service provider, MSMei also offers strategic branding, live streaming services, and development of interactive content.


FOOTPRINT is the premier multichannel network dedicated to OTT distribution and commercialization. Our network and platform is redefining video content distribution and consumption for creators in the new era of digital media & entertainment. We market and deliver the FOOTPRINT lifestyle and entertainment experience to online viewers on all the popular web, mobile and connected TV platforms. Anyone can watch FOOTPRINT online or download the iOS and Android apps for free. We also partner with new OTT networks, platforms and service providers, who represent instant distribution and are seeking content partnerships to differentiate and augment their OTT services being delivered to their consumers.






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Interviews Available Upon Request


Emma Loggins / Footprint.TV

2017 Review

Endavo Year in Review

2017 was a pivotal year for Endavo, as we launched Endavo Digital Network and our first over-the-top MCN, FOOTPRINT Network. We laid some serious new groundwork over the past year and have established a lot of momentum going into 2018. I thought it would be helpful and valuable to our family, friends, partners and stakeholders to briefly highlight some of our 2017 progress, which I believe sets the stage for an exciting year ahead for Endavo.

We started 2017 by announcing the launch of Endavo Digital Network. After spending Q1 fine-tuning our MCN (multi-channel network) syndication platform and app frameworks, we officially launched our new MCN model in March. Alongside our new launch plans, we also acquired and began repositioning and rebranding FOOTPRINT as our very own creator network for OTT – a first of its kind. We also began signing up new channels with a curated list of wonderful independent creators, all looking for new forms of distribution and monetization in the new era of over-the-top entertainment & media. FOOTPRINT was relaunched over the summer on our new MCN apps and responsive website frameworks. We’re planning to release FOOTPRINT on Apple TV and Roku in mid January, followed by Amazon Fire TV.

FOOTPRINT begins the new year with 20 great independent channels and over 1300 video titles, including our newest partner channels, ADULTish, The Dark Zone and ASKANIKA. We have an active and growing pipeline of prospective new channels we plan to launch starting in January. Overall, we plan to grow the amount of curated channels on the network, increase the quality of content as we grow our viewer base and begin engaging actively with sponsors. We also like to see our network partners springboard to their own branded OTT apps on the Endavo platform, which Binge Networks (fka BonBon Networks) did in 2017!

Last year, FOOTPRINT also began actively exploring, experimenting and learning how to efficiently build and engage with an organic viewing audience through social media and various digital marketing strategies. As a result, we saw over 1028% growth in number of videos streamed on FOOTPRINT in 2017 over 2016 when we took over the network. We’re just getting started!

In the 2nd half of 2017, Endavo was very fortunate to forge a partnership with Metro Atlanta Chamber of Commerce and ChooseATL, to create and launch a groundbreaking metro-area creator network, called THEA. THEA was launched in November with 15 incredible Atlanta-based VOD channels and over 250 video titles, showcasing some amazing content that is being created here in “The A”. ChooseATL plans to grow the number of channels and distribution for THEA in 2018 to become the premier destination for digital creators to showcase Atlanta content to the world and monetize through sponsorship and advertising, from brands wanting to be a part of this next-generation OTT network. Endavo is proud to be the platform partner providing the entire MCN management and OTT delivery infrastructure, as well as the THEA website and apps. The THEA experience is built on Endavo’s responsive website, iOS app and Android app frameworks. We are also planning to release THEA on Apple TV and Roku in mid January. We are very excited to be involved with THEA, which also stands as a model for OTT community networks.

Alongside our MCN initiatives in 2017, Endavo also continued to support its enterprise OTT platform clients and partners. We are the platform for multiple AVOD and SVOD services that deliver on-demand and live streaming services to subscribers and fans everywhere. Our SVOD partners experienced as much as 153% subscriber growth in 2017. We delivered approximately 2 million video streams and hosted over 10,000 video titles. We also delivered more than 250 live streaming events in 2017. We are carefully exploring how to continue growing our enterprise OTT platform business alongside our Endavo Digital Networks strategy.

In 2018, we plan to focus and expand our efforts on building distribution for FOOTPRINT, as well as other Endavo Digital Network partners. We’ll do this by expanding and innovating our grass roots digital marketing strategies and campaigns for the network, channels and content. As the business models underlying OTT media and entertainment continue to evolve, so will we continue to grow and innovate, in terms of helping our content partners discover new ways to generate revenue for their content and production funding. For example, we plan to launch OTT Fest in 2018, which will serve as a unique festival platform for creators to submit their new shows and content for the purpose of gaining market exposure, distribution, sponsorship, funding and, ultimately, OTT distribution and monetization. We’ll also continue initiatives begun in 2017 to develop B2B partnerships with global OTT networks and service providers seeking content syndicated partnership opportunities.

2017 was truly a pivotal year for Endavo. We now plan to build on our vision, innovation and successes, as we continue to reinvent over-the-top media and entertainment distribution in 2018! Stay tuned and in touch with us.


Sports Premium Channel

Dubai Media Launches Subscription OTT-TV Service

MENA TV broadcaster, Dubai Media Incorporated (DMI), has launched a new subscription OTT service for registered users to access its Dubai Sports Premium TV channel. Dubai Sports Premium carries the UEFA Champions League football season, Emirati Arabic Gulf Cup Tournament, Arabian Gulf League football season, and much more. Subscribers are able to sign up for the service using their mobile phone provider billing and, upon subscription, will be able to gain live access to televised league matches, and many other televised sporting events, on their desktops, laptops, and mobile devices – including iOS, Android and Blackberry tablets and smartphones. For the new OTT service, Endavo provides DMI with the multi-screen streaming infrastructure and support, integration with the multi-carrier mobile billing gateway, and video microsite design, development and support. DMI will run the monthly subscription OTT service during the 2014-2015 football season, and the company also says it expects to add additional new subscription OTT-TV channels and VOD services in 2015.

Dubai Media launches new online video experience

Dubai Media Launches New Online Video Experience

We are very proud to have supported the launch of Dubai Media‘s brand new online video experience at the start of Ramadan this year. DMI’s newly designed video website provides a more unified experience for its Video-on-Demand, Live TV and Catch-Up TV services. In addition to a beautiful new look and feel, visitors will find the site much easier to explore and discover their favorite DMI channels and programs, whether shows are airing live, aired earlier the same day or if they are available on-demand. Even if Dubai TV, Dubai One, Sama Dubai or Noor Dubai TV viewers just missed the start of their favorite program airing on live TV or missed it entirely, they can start a currently-airing show over from the beginning or they can catch-up on any show that aired in the past 48 hours by easily navigating the channel program guide, updated in real time. Of course, DMI’s popular shows are available on-demand for catching up on previous seasons or even “binge” watching. Navigating available DMI channels and programs is now easier than ever from the new video site home page. Visitors can also discover new, popular and featured shows.

During Ramadan each year, DMI produces and publishes special drama, comedy and children’s programs, with an episode released each day during the month, such as:

مسلسل كعب عالي , مسلسل قصص العجائب في القرآن  and مسلسل يامن كنت حبيبي.

Plans are in place to further improve the DMI online video experience this summer with multiscreen responsive website design, as well as new discovery and tracking features for users, such as giving users the next episode of a season being watched when they return to the DMI VOD service.

Endavo provides the entire back-end content management, packaging and delivery system for DMI’s VOD, Live TV and Catch-Up TV services. We also designed, developed, and support the video website itself, in addition to DMI OnDemand and Dubai One mobile apps available in iTunes App Store and Google Play.

We hope the Muslim community has a blessed Ramadan and, on behalf of Dubai Media, invite everyone to pay a visit to DMI’s video-on-demand destinations to enjoy a next-generation TV experience! Click here to access DMI’s video website. World Cup Videos Launches World Cup News Site, Enhances Online Video Experience

In partnership with Endavo,, a leading online provider of Arabic sports news, has launched a new special section of its website dedicated to World Cup 2014. Endavo is providing the video management and publishing platform along with the development and hosting of the video portion of the site. is a top 500 global website (currently #342), according to Alexa, making it a top destination for sports news among online viewers in Arabic speaking countries around the world. As announced last month, attracted 22.8 million unique visitors and scored a record-breaking 700 million views in April 2014. According to Effective Measure, has 65% market share of sports websites in MENA region.

The World Cup 2014 section of the site will provide users with general event news, venue information, video content and social forums. World Cup 2014 is occurring 12 June – 13 July in Brazil.

In addition to providing the video platform for’s World Cup 2014 site, Endavo is also developing out and will host’s new video section of its website rolling out this month. Endavo provides its media management system, publishing tools and players, multiscreen video delivery, advertising integration, as well as user generated video engine, all empowering’s strategy to enhance user experience through the expanded use of professionally produced news programming, user generated video and interactive media features, all seamlessly integrated within its already popular sports news destination and social forum.

The Endavo platform delivers a superior video experience for and enables them with a scalable launch pad for new services that can be developed and brought to market very rapidly. This allows to stay ahead of the pack as a top online sports news destination in the MENA region and continue to grow their business.