Footprint Network

Endavo Media’s FOOTPRINT Network brings entertainment and lifestyle content to life

FOOTPRINT Network is a multi-channel network powered by Endavo’s VDA platform delivering inclusive, creative content direct from the creators to the audience with innovative OTT technology.

“It’s not just about giving creators the ability to manage their channel. Endavo provides the ability to grow the business, and we’re seeing that work incredibly well through FOOTPRINT Network. As soon as Dark Zone or Binge wants to launch their own apps, they can do that with Endavo. We can help them grow by syndicating through networks, social media, managing YouTube channels, pushing content to their apps, and more.”  - Paul Hamm, founder of Endavo Media & CEO of FOOTPRINT Network


FOOTPRINT Network began as, a platform designed to leverage the opportunity of OTT technology to support and power local content creators. By building a unique platform using Endavo Media’s innovative infrastructure, provided creators with the ability to establish their brand without having to rely on the major distribution channels like YouTube and Vimeo.


Despite a state-of-the-art framework, never received the capital it needed to dominate within the OTT market. As an original collaborator on the project, Paul Hamm, founder of Endavo Media, decided to purchase the network and brand to devote the resources it needed to succeed.

“ was a great idea that I embraced, but it never really got off the ground,” says Hamm. “We liked the domain, the name, and the brand. Plus they had a nice base of content creators already in place, a content base that we already had an established relationship with. That’s why we decided to acquire the brand and the rights to the content creators — it was a very easy transaction for us. We shelved it for a few months and then relaunched it as FOOTPRINT Network.”

With direct competition from other OTT platforms within the market, Hamm and his team focused on updating the essential framework of the Endavo platform itself, allowing FOOTPRINT to bring the creative, competitive edge to dominate the market.


  • Provide competitive pricing for content creators to monetize their content
  • Enable content creators to syndicate across many networks and channels from one dashboard
  • Establish additional marketing opportunities through syndication, apps, and more


Less than a year after relaunching, FOOTPRINT Network is already seeing meteoric accomplishment for many of its channels and television shows, including Adultish, who’s seasons two and three syndications on FOOTPRINT enabled them to continue producing. “Adultish is raising capital for season four as a result of being on the platform and getting that exposure,” says Hamm. “Moving forward, the Adultish team wants us to roll our sleeves up and help them with development. We see it as one of FOOTPRINT’s main projects in the future.”

In addition to the success of many creators, the platform itself also received valuable updates in the process, including additional syndication and marketing opportunities. “FOOTPRINT is the premier network where we built all of our new MCN infrastructures,” says Hamm. “New apps, all the frameworks for digital media players like Apple TV and Roku, as well as the mobile distribution opportunities for apps. With FOOTPRINT, the new updates to our Endavo platform happened in parallel so that both our network and our customers can see the rollouts that we’re selling today.”


With a platform already built for creators to expand their audience reach, FOOTPRINT’s next move is to take a step back — all the way back to the production process. “We’re really focused on massaging the FOOTPRINT message and structure to become a development network and studio designed specifically for creators,” says Hamm. “We’re exploring different genres — scripted series, film, music, unscripted series — with the intention of establishing ourselves as the premier incubation and distribution development platform in the industry.”


YouTube v. The Little Guy — Who Wins?

YouTube has over 1.8 billion users every month now, inching closer and closer to Facebook’s 2 billion. But of those 1.8 billion logged in viewers, it’s estimated that only 500,000 have followers above 10K (that’s a .02% piece for you math geeks out there). Why is that significant? Because of the new YouTube monetization policy that rolled out this year, tightening up the monetization policy even more.

In 2017, YouTube capped the possibility for channel monetization at 10,000-lifetime views. In 2018, they upped the ante and added new qualifications, including knocking channels with under 1,000 subscribers and less than 4,000 hours of view time per year out of the running for monetization.

So while this is great for YouTube — it means they have to pay out less for your content’s viewership — it’s not so great for the little guy just getting started. Statistics show that if you’ve got 10-15% activity on your videos, a 10K channel is not going to be enough to knock out that 4,000 hours of view time unless you’re just a content machine. Rough, right? Well here’s where it’s going to hurt even more:

1. It encourages the use of spammy services that offer to get channels followers for a fee.

We all know those services — you pay a simple “fee” and then your follower numbers go exponentially up. There are two big problems with that: everyone could find out, and those “real people” could be, in actuality, not real.

While having to admit that you bought followers might just be a hit to your ego, the fact that you might not be buying “real” followers has actual consequences, including the fact that they may never interact with your channel in any way. So if your plan was to get a bunch of followers to hit the 1000 threshold, that’s great, but it won’t have any effect on the other part of the new rule: the 4,000 hours of view time per year.

2. YouTube is calling this an opportunity for them to be choosy about content.

In the release, YouTube said these measures would “allow them to significantly improve their ability to identify creators who contribute positively to the community and help drive more ad revenue to them.” While this jargon seems positive toward creators, it actually means YouTube has created an unspoken guideline for keeping the content off the platform that they don’t want, and here’s what’s going unsaid: If you’re not growing fast enough, we don’t want you.

3. This only protects the advertiser from showing on “low viewership” channels and doesn’t help the creator.

YouTube has a platform because of the content that creators like you are making — how come this new rule is actively trying to lean in favor of the advertiser? Because YouTube is looking out for its own money flow, rather than the health of the people who made their platform one of the biggest in the social realm. Now the young content creators who were using the extra income to invest back in their business and eventually get to the big leagues are out of luck.

So what options do authentic, small creators have? They can wait for the laws to change, stick it out until their subscribers and views to go up, or they can discover additional content streaming platforms like Endavo’s digital network.

With our custom OTT platform, you get to monetize exactly how you want, stream through multiple platforms, and syndicate across channels (including YouTube). Let us help you automate your distribution across your own apps, OTT platforms, and social networks from a single management system. You make the content, your publish, you gather the viewers (we can help!), and then you make money however you want — it’s that simple.

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Monetize your video content

Is It Time To Monetize Your Video Content? Here’s What You Need To Know.

If you’re a content creator, you know that all the current platforms out there have rules for how and when you can make money. Normally there’s a complicated formula that targets your followers and views and in the end, it doesn’t often benefit you as the creator.

Endavo gives you the option to create your own OTT video network, which will give you full control over the network, or simply to create your own channel on one of Endavo’s partner digital networks (ex:,, all the while giving you the ability to monetize your very own content. Whether you are part of Endavo’s digital networks or ready for your own OTT service, here are the ways to monetize through Endavo.

1. Platform subscription services

Netflix does it, Hulu does it, Endavo does it. The strategy of subscription services is simple, efficient, and very successful, which is why we make it an option for your platform. You get to choose your rates and your packages so that you’re one step closer to reaching your financial goals.

2. Content sponsorship

Looking for a clever marketing option to fund your platform and content creation? We’ve got the capabilities that make it possible for you to leverage your skills and find appropriate partners that have the cash. You can choose the sponsored content or sponsor all of your content — whichever works best for you and your partners.

3. Live pay-per-view

If you’ve got the numbers, we’ll help you with the dollars. Live events are a great way to attract an audience and build a subscription base that will convert to paying customers. So leverage your content, influencer, and social media following straight to your platform and we’ll enable you with the resources to turn each pair of eyeballs into live event revenue.

4. OTT network syndication

Looking for predictable revenue? We’ve got the capabilities that will make your content ready for the money stream that comes along with syndicating your content to different platforms. While Netflix and Amazon are obvious goals for many content creators, we are developing relationships with emerging OTT networks and platforms seeking content partnerships – just for you.

5. Donations

People want to give to what they like. If you’re creative and want to enable your followers to support your work, we have the platform that will allow them to donate directly to your tip jar. After all, you’ve built the engaged community with your stellar content, so now it’s time to turn your popularity into a resource for you.

6. Crowdfunding

Got big ideas and a budget that doesn’t match? No problem. Endavo’s particularly equipped for helping out with crowdfunding and getting you the start-up capital you need. With a strong subscriber base and viewers, we can help you convert your reach into actionable cash that allows you to keep powering forward with the content your audience loves.

Endavo allows you to have control over your content without the frustration of feeling like you have to bend to someone else’s rules. Standing out amongst the crowd of people trying to make money off their creative content shouldn’t be a luxury. Endavo gives content creators the freedom and revenue to back up their ideas so they can grow exponentially.

Want to learn more about how Endavo can help you monetize your content? Go ahead and get in touch with us — we’ll set you up with a free consultation AND a free demo.

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subscription service

Are you ready to launch your own subscription service?

In 2017, the gap between cable versus online streaming services fell to a record low. According to a Pew Research Center study, traditional TV consumers were 59% of the market, while online subscription services crept up to 29%. If you break it down by age—particularly the 18-29 category—the numbers are even more alarming: 61% of users watch with an OTT service and only 31% still subscribe to traditional cable.

Don’t be astounded by this complete reversal of viewing habits—it’s the future of video content sharing, and it’s coming fast!

From Netflix to Amazon Prime, Hulu to YouTube, OTT services have completely disrupted the established flow of content consumption, with creatives breaking past the traditional roadblocks and heading straight for the consumer. Viewers no longer need cable to watch their favorite shows, and companies don’t have to rely on advertisements to generate income.

However, even over-the-top giants like YouTube have their problems for a new creator looking to promote their work. Not only are the gatekeepers of these hosting services getting more steep when it comes to payout, but customization options are also extremely limited. How can you build your brand on a platform you don’t own? It’s really difficult to do, which is why the evolution of OTT is quickly progressing toward personalized streaming services.

What businesses, local organizations, and creators can benefit from their own streaming service?

When your goal is to showcase unique video offerings, expand your brand through breakthrough online media, and appeal to niche markets and special interest groups, your best option is to create your own streaming channel or multichannel network. With everyone competing for content growth and opportunity, a personalized OTT service can be the most effective solution.

Here are some of the perks of creating your own channel or network:

  1. You get all the content and branding control with your own service. Plus, you can customize the user experience and functionality of multi-screen delivery, VOD, live streaming, linear, and catch-up TV features, making you the master of your content.
  2. All the viewers stay on your channel when you host your own content. With your own apps, you’re at less risk of moving your audience away from your product.
  3. You can optimize for TV, web, mobile, and tablet experiences — everywhere your audience is. Plus, by providing your own apps, you can increase signups by more than 20% over a website alone.
  4. You get everything you need from one centralized system, which means one control center, one content management workflow, and one place to build your brand.
  5. Get paid for your work, from patron and crowdfunding opportunities to digital sponsorships and subscriptions.

How you can develop your own streaming channel.

So how do you actually start your own streaming channel?

Using a professional service like Endavo’s video distribution automation (VDA) platform has many advantages. As a web-based administrative portal for managing and monetizing digital media, we’ve got the ability to set up your channel, distribution network, apps, subscription plans, workflow processes and much more, to get you established and ready to stream to your fans in no time.

Here’s what we excel at:

  • Media Management System: Our VDA software is optimized for managing, publishing and monetizing VOD and digital media services across all the OTT platforms and networks. With different platform levels and flexible workflow features, you can customize our application to your exact needs.
  • Content Delivery & Management: From VOD and live streaming workflows to  multiscreen delivery and global CDN services, our full support and multi-format delivery is second to none in advanced features.
  • Syndication: With Endavo, you can aggregate creator channels and publish channels to other OTT service providers with multiple pricing models or optimize for social network syndication. Add that to our other commerce opportunities: integrated merchant gateways, rental price and PPV templates, subscription plan management, and integrated advertising – everything you need to be profitable is at your fingertips.
  • Reporting & Analytics: With detailed content delivery and viewing stats, performance and engagement data, media inventory lists, engagement figures, syndication metrics and more, you’ll know exactly where your content is thriving, and where there’s room to improve.

As one of the pioneers of this subscription-only platform technology, we’ve built our completely customizable software around empowering small businesses, independent creators, and the viewer to discover the power of over-the-top programming. Based in Atlanta, we believe there’s a lot of opportunity for the little guy to get a piece of the streaming revenue, and that’s exactly why we’re working toward a better streaming standard.

From content and branding control to creating apps, we’ve created more than a blank slate—we’ve also built all the tools to take you from start-up to established.

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Time to Get Down with OTT!

Whitepaper – It’s Time to Get Down with OTT!

Hey kids, just in time for SXSW, check out our new whitepaper that gives you 8 reasons why content owners should consider an OTT creator platform or multichannel creator network vs. YouTube or waiting on the sidelines in hopes of getting picked up by Netflix.

Whitepaper Feature Image

Click here Endavo_OTT_White_Paper_2018 vF

Happy reading! Contact us when you’re done. We have a lot to talk about!

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2017 Review

Endavo Year in Review

2017 was a pivotal year for Endavo, as we launched Endavo Digital Network and our first over-the-top MCN, FOOTPRINT Network. We laid some serious new groundwork over the past year and have established a lot of momentum going into 2018. I thought it would be helpful and valuable to our family, friends, partners and stakeholders to briefly highlight some of our 2017 progress, which I believe sets the stage for an exciting year ahead for Endavo.

We started 2017 by announcing the launch of Endavo Digital Network. After spending Q1 fine-tuning our MCN (multi-channel network) syndication platform and app frameworks, we officially launched our new MCN model in March. Alongside our new launch plans, we also acquired and began repositioning and rebranding FOOTPRINT as our very own creator network for OTT – a first of its kind. We also began signing up new channels with a curated list of wonderful independent creators, all looking for new forms of distribution and monetization in the new era of over-the-top entertainment & media. FOOTPRINT was relaunched over the summer on our new MCN apps and responsive website frameworks. We’re planning to release FOOTPRINT on Apple TV and Roku in mid January, followed by Amazon Fire TV.

FOOTPRINT begins the new year with 20 great independent channels and over 1300 video titles, including our newest partner channels, ADULTish, The Dark Zone and ASKANIKA. We have an active and growing pipeline of prospective new channels we plan to launch starting in January. Overall, we plan to grow the amount of curated channels on the network, increase the quality of content as we grow our viewer base and begin engaging actively with sponsors. We also like to see our network partners springboard to their own branded OTT apps on the Endavo platform, which Binge Networks (fka BonBon Networks) did in 2017!

Last year, FOOTPRINT also began actively exploring, experimenting and learning how to efficiently build and engage with an organic viewing audience through social media and various digital marketing strategies. As a result, we saw over 1028% growth in number of videos streamed on FOOTPRINT in 2017 over 2016 when we took over the network. We’re just getting started!

In the 2nd half of 2017, Endavo was very fortunate to forge a partnership with Metro Atlanta Chamber of Commerce and ChooseATL, to create and launch a groundbreaking metro-area creator network, called THEA. THEA was launched in November with 15 incredible Atlanta-based VOD channels and over 250 video titles, showcasing some amazing content that is being created here in “The A”. ChooseATL plans to grow the number of channels and distribution for THEA in 2018 to become the premier destination for digital creators to showcase Atlanta content to the world and monetize through sponsorship and advertising, from brands wanting to be a part of this next-generation OTT network. Endavo is proud to be the platform partner providing the entire MCN management and OTT delivery infrastructure, as well as the THEA website and apps. The THEA experience is built on Endavo’s responsive website, iOS app and Android app frameworks. We are also planning to release THEA on Apple TV and Roku in mid January. We are very excited to be involved with THEA, which also stands as a model for OTT community networks.

Alongside our MCN initiatives in 2017, Endavo also continued to support its enterprise OTT platform clients and partners. We are the platform for multiple AVOD and SVOD services that deliver on-demand and live streaming services to subscribers and fans everywhere. Our SVOD partners experienced as much as 153% subscriber growth in 2017. We delivered approximately 2 million video streams and hosted over 10,000 video titles. We also delivered more than 250 live streaming events in 2017. We are carefully exploring how to continue growing our enterprise OTT platform business alongside our Endavo Digital Networks strategy.

In 2018, we plan to focus and expand our efforts on building distribution for FOOTPRINT, as well as other Endavo Digital Network partners. We’ll do this by expanding and innovating our grass roots digital marketing strategies and campaigns for the network, channels and content. As the business models underlying OTT media and entertainment continue to evolve, so will we continue to grow and innovate, in terms of helping our content partners discover new ways to generate revenue for their content and production funding. For example, we plan to launch OTT Fest in 2018, which will serve as a unique festival platform for creators to submit their new shows and content for the purpose of gaining market exposure, distribution, sponsorship, funding and, ultimately, OTT distribution and monetization. We’ll also continue initiatives begun in 2017 to develop B2B partnerships with global OTT networks and service providers seeking content syndicated partnership opportunities.

2017 was truly a pivotal year for Endavo. We now plan to build on our vision, innovation and successes, as we continue to reinvent over-the-top media and entertainment distribution in 2018! Stay tuned and in touch with us.


The Storyteller in All of Us

If you have followed along with Endavo over the past few years, you’ve heard a good bit from us about the disruption of digital content creation and distribution. We try really hard every day to keep up with and hopefully even get a little ahead of rapidly evolving video technology, the Internet and consumer behavior. We thought it would be worth sharing this video by Zach King about storytelling and the power of the Internet and digital tools for creators. It’s a few years old, but very relevant (except for the Vine video :-), and sometimes it helps to hear it from someone else. Zach tells a great story.

Why is this important? Because we want creators with great ideas and content to know that we at Endavo get it! We don’t always have all the answers, but we do dream of and work hard on developing new ways to help great creators to reach new audiences and create market value in the explosive OTT market. Our recent launch of Endavo Digital Network and FOOTPRINT Network, our first OTT multichannel network (MCN), are representative of our vision to empower great storytellers!

2016 DM&E Game Changers

Endavo CEO Named Among Georgia’s Technology Game Changers

ATLANTA (September 30, 2016) – The Technology Association of Georgia (TAG), one of the nation’s largest state trade organizations dedicated to technology and innovation, recently recognized Paul Hamm, Endavo CEO, as a Digital Media & Entertainment Technology “Game Changer” in the latest issue of Hub Magazine.

The Peach State dominates in the Media and Entertainment tech industry. TV networks, film studios, digital gaming and more created $6 billion in economic impact in Georgia in 2015 and the state is the 3rd most profitable in the nation when it comes to entertainment, behind California and New York, respectively.  The Media and Entertainment issue of Hub Magazine focuses on the tech side of this vibrant industry in Georgia. 

The DM&E Technology Game Changers are selected by TAG and include 2016 innovators who are changing the game in Broadcast, Digital Gaming and Film Technology in Georgia. In addition to Paul, other broadcast Game Changers for 2016 are Ben Lawrence, VP IT Operations for Bounce TV, and Bob Hesskamp, SVP Global Broadcast Technology for Turner.

Through Paul’s vision and leadership, the Endavo OTT platform represents a cost-effective solution and fast path for content creators, broadcasters and even pay TV providers to take their premium content “over the top”. HUB Magazine cites Endavo’s launch of in New York and Atlanta to be a game changing initiative. is a new multichannel network (MCN) that empowers local independent content creators to find OTT distribution and monetization.

In addition to the Game Changers list, the July/August 2016 issue of Hub features Cameron Clayton, CEO of The Weather Company, an IBM business, and also showcases Georgia’s exciting digital news industry, including NewsOn, Social News Desk, Newsreps, and UrbanGeekz.

View the digital version of Hub Magazine here:

HUB Mag Cover_20160929

We’re Down with OTT …and on TV!

Our CEO, Paul Hamm, was interviewed on Atlanta Tech Edge, which aired on Sunday (3/20) on Atlanta station 11Alive (NBC). During the interview, Paul discusses OTT, Multichannel Networks (MCN) and User-Generated Content (UGC), along with providing some general OTT market insight. The interview was also published online, along with extended Q&A conducted with the show’s producer – Click here for the entire post.

Culture Creators_Wildness

This is why we EnGage!

Thank you to Wildness for a fantastic infographic that helps explain why wer’re building the EnGage UGC platform. First of all, young connected consumers are not watching TV on TV. According to Wildness research, 0 in 10 generation Z  Culture Consumers would keep their television if left with only one device! ZERO!! 70% prefer streaming over broadcast or cable.

But just as important to us, these post-internet generation consumers are also Culture Creators. 80% find expressing themselves creatively is important. Over 25% post original video at least weekly.

If you’re in TV, sports, news, or any digital content business, it will be wise to pay attention to the behavior of this generation of Culture Consumers, Creators and Collaborators. We are paying attention, and this drives our mission to continue developing innovative new ways of distributing and monetizing OTT, aggregating content creators from the digital universe, and empowering consumers to create and collaborate, as well as consume. EnGage is being built to empower Culture Creators to contribute content to their digital communities and create or join the conversation.

Here’s a pdf of the Wildness Infographic, check it out - Culture Creators

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