The Storyteller in All of Us

If you have followed along with Endavo over the past few years, you’ve heard a good bit from us about the disruption of digital content creation and distribution. We try really hard every day to keep up with and hopefully even get a little ahead of rapidly evolving video technology, the Internet and consumer behavior. We thought it would be worth sharing this video by Zach King about storytelling and the power of the Internet and digital tools for creators. It’s a few years old, but very relevant (except for the Vine video :-), and sometimes it helps to hear it from someone else. Zach tells a great story.

Why is this important? Because we want creators with great ideas and content to know that we at Endavo get it! We don’t always have all the answers, but we do dream of and work hard on developing new ways to help great creators to reach new audiences and create market value in the explosive OTT market. Our recent launch of Endavo Digital Network and FOOTPRINT Network, our first OTT multichannel network (MCN), are representative of our vision to empower great storytellers!

2016 DM&E Game Changers

Endavo CEO Named Among Georgia’s Technology Game Changers

ATLANTA (September 30, 2016) – The Technology Association of Georgia (TAG), one of the nation’s largest state trade organizations dedicated to technology and innovation, recently recognized Paul Hamm, Endavo CEO, as a Digital Media & Entertainment Technology “Game Changer” in the latest issue of Hub Magazine.

The Peach State dominates in the Media and Entertainment tech industry. TV networks, film studios, digital gaming and more created $6 billion in economic impact in Georgia in 2015 and the state is the 3rd most profitable in the nation when it comes to entertainment, behind California and New York, respectively.  The Media and Entertainment issue of Hub Magazine focuses on the tech side of this vibrant industry in Georgia. 

The DM&E Technology Game Changers are selected by TAG and include 2016 innovators who are changing the game in Broadcast, Digital Gaming and Film Technology in Georgia. In addition to Paul, other broadcast Game Changers for 2016 are Ben Lawrence, VP IT Operations for Bounce TV, and Bob Hesskamp, SVP Global Broadcast Technology for Turner.

Through Paul’s vision and leadership, the Endavo OTT platform represents a cost-effective solution and fast path for content creators, broadcasters and even pay TV providers to take their premium content “over the top”. HUB Magazine cites Endavo’s launch of in New York and Atlanta to be a game changing initiative. is a new multichannel network (MCN) that empowers local independent content creators to find OTT distribution and monetization.

In addition to the Game Changers list, the July/August 2016 issue of Hub features Cameron Clayton, CEO of The Weather Company, an IBM business, and also showcases Georgia’s exciting digital news industry, including NewsOn, Social News Desk, Newsreps, and UrbanGeekz.

View the digital version of Hub Magazine here:

HUB Mag Cover_20160929


Endavo Welcomes David Price

We are pleased to announce the addition of David Price to Endavo’s core management team as Director of Solutions, Strategy and Delivery. We are very excited to have David on board, as he is a proven technology pioneer who is bringing a vast amount of experience from CNN and other high-tech firms to Endavo, which will translate for us into greatly improved UX/UI design and solution delivery for our OTT video clients and accelerated innovation and evolution of our OTT products, services and solutions.

About David:

David possesses a unique creative business approach and experience in developing newly emerging, high-impact technologies. After receiving a BFA from the University of Georgia in Computer Graphics and Engineering, David began working with 3D animation systems and joined Alias Systems, a high-end 3D graphics software firm that was later acquired by Autodesk. Alias was directly responsible for many highly innovative movements into realistic and life-like graphics that are used throughout the film and gaming industry today.

David then took his tech innovation experience to Microleague Multimedia Inc (MMI), a gaming software start-up, where he worked deeply with leading-edge motion capture and 3D technologies for a few years before joining CNN.

At CNN, David was integral in the development of graphics technologies that became notable acquisitions in the industry. For example, David led early development of real-time 3D maps with a little-known company named Keyhole, which was later acquired by Google and is now more widely known as Google Earth and Google Maps. David also helped develop post-production editing workflow technologies with Proximity, which was acquired by Apple in 2006, and is now used for Apple’s Final Cut Server video-editing workflow product.  David’s work history with CNN also included early development of live graphics, template-based workflows and America’s first  live-rendered 3D news ticker system.

David soon found himself either directly or indirectly involved with virtually all new technologies coming through CNN and across much of Turner Broadcasting as well. With his sights acutely ahead of the technology, David led all of the CNN creative groups in their transition from Standard-Definition (SD) to High-Definition (HD) video, followed by development of IPTV-based workflows and then giant TV touch-screens known as  “Magic Walls” used on TV by CNN’s anchors.  Shortly before David left CNN he was helping develop CNN’s cutting-edge iPhone/iOS newsgathering kits, while also piloting field production projects using news-gathering video drones.

As of 2014, CNN Worldwide represented a portfolio of more than two-dozen news and information services across cable, satellite, radio, wireless devices and the Internet, in more than 200 countries worldwide. In the United States, CNN reaches more individuals on television, the web and mobile devices than any other TV news organization. Internationally, CNN is the most widely distributed news channel reaching more than 260 million households abroad. CNN Digital Network is consistently the No.1 current events and news destination on the web. For over 15 years, David was a key factor in the success of CNN’s adoption and implementation of new digital technologies.

About joining Endavo David stated, “I could not be happier with the company I now call home. I have the ability to continue to exercise my passion for highly innovative, creative technology and I am working with a team possessing incredible domain expertise in OTT technologies. Endavo is very well positioned for success, having lived and  survived the difficult ‘bleeding-edge‘ cycle of new IP video technology and consumer adoption of connected devices. Endavo now finds itself in the more lucrative ‘cutting-edge’ phase of the technology cycle, ready for the industry’s fast approaching transition onto their existing foundation of professional skills and expertise.“

Endavo Media specializes in powerful enterprise solutions for managing, distributing and monetizing digital media and entertainment media services in the new era of “over the top” TV. As evidenced by recent announcements by HBO, CBS, Dish, and Apple, the OTT market is heating up in 2015. The addition of David to our team to help accelerate our solutions, strategy and delivery could not have come at a better time.