7 GIFS That Prove You Should Never Binge Watch Without A Snack

It’s Saturday night. You’ve gotten out of hanging with your friends — is that a tickle in your throat? — and your pj’s are on fleek. You’ve more or less created an adult pillow fort on the couch and now there’s only one thing missing: snacks. Call us old-fashioned, but years of the “movie theatre experience” has primed us for the expectation of something delicious to munch on — or accidentally spill everywhere when things pop out of nowhere — as we watch our favorite shows on Enadvo’s Footprint network. So here are our movie snack favorites (inspired by our GIF favorites) that will make your binge-watch session just the BEST SATURDAY NIGHT EVER.

1. Popcorn

Yep, we had to go there. Why? Because there is absolutely nothing like the sound of popcorn to get you in the mood for a good movie or show — just look how happy Colbert is. And with popcorn, the flavor options are endless: movie theatre butter, kettle corn, white cheddar, Himalayan salt, “light” if you’re into that. So go crazy — or go classic — either way, your taste buds will thank you.

2. Nachos

When you’re at the point of total adoration where petting your food is just as satisfying as eating it, you know you’ve hit a goldmine. Great to share and super easy to make, nachos give you the flexibility you need so you don’t have to miss a single minute of screen time to kill the tummy rumbles. Plus, they’re the perfect vehicle for a variety of toppings. Love ghost peppers? Do it. This is your party, and yes, you can cry if you want to, and you probably will, if you eat those things, ya crazy.

3. Wine

There has never been a better companion piece to life — whether it’s going down for real or it’s happening on screen to someone else. Pop all the corks and get out all the glasses. With le vino, it’s better to go all or nothing.

4. Dips on dips on dips

Can we just take a minute to appreciate how awesome dip is? Not even one dip, but all the dips: salsa, guac, hummus, pimento cheese, queso, ranch, artichoke, honey sriracha. Why choose!? Treat yourself and set up the ultimate dip spread for endless options. The best part? The options for things to dip are limitless too, so go crazy. We dare you.

5. Cheese Plate

Doesn’t matter if you’re watching Downton Abbey or Beevus and Butt-Head, there’s a certain je ne sais quois to the cheese plate. It’s fancy, it’s delicious, and it only requires that you unwrap the plastic before diving in face first. So grab a plate and get into the gourmet mood with the easiest, most escalated snack the world has ever known (no need to fact check that statement, we’ve eaten a lot of snacks and we know).

6. Beef Jerky

You can make your own (we trust Bon Appétit’s Brad Leone for this kind of magic) or you can get store bought: We’re not picky. The point is that you put a delicious piece of meat in your hand that requires some attention. When you’re in it for the long haul — think tackling every season of Adultish in one sitting — you’ll appreciate a snack that goes the extra mile.

7. Ice Cream

An ice cream pint: The ultimate single person snack. To that we say, lean in. Lean in all the way and finish the pint on your own terms (there’s absolutely no shame in delicious frozen desserts). So grab a spoon, chow down on your favorite flavor, and snuggle under the covers. You deserve this. Happy viewing!

2017 Review

Endavo Year in Review

2017 was a pivotal year for Endavo, as we launched Endavo Digital Network and our first over-the-top MCN, FOOTPRINT Network. We laid some serious new groundwork over the past year and have established a lot of momentum going into 2018. I thought it would be helpful and valuable to our family, friends, partners and stakeholders to briefly highlight some of our 2017 progress, which I believe sets the stage for an exciting year ahead for Endavo.

We started 2017 by announcing the launch of Endavo Digital Network. After spending Q1 fine-tuning our MCN (multi-channel network) syndication platform and app frameworks, we officially launched our new MCN model in March. Alongside our new launch plans, we also acquired and began repositioning and rebranding FOOTPRINT as our very own creator network for OTT – a first of its kind. We also began signing up new channels with a curated list of wonderful independent creators, all looking for new forms of distribution and monetization in the new era of over-the-top entertainment & media. FOOTPRINT was relaunched over the summer on our new MCN apps and responsive website frameworks. We’re planning to release FOOTPRINT on Apple TV and Roku in mid January, followed by Amazon Fire TV.

FOOTPRINT begins the new year with 20 great independent channels and over 1300 video titles, including our newest partner channels, ADULTish, The Dark Zone and ASKANIKA. We have an active and growing pipeline of prospective new channels we plan to launch starting in January. Overall, we plan to grow the amount of curated channels on the network, increase the quality of content as we grow our viewer base and begin engaging actively with sponsors. We also like to see our network partners springboard to their own branded OTT apps on the Endavo platform, which Binge Networks (fka BonBon Networks) did in 2017!

Last year, FOOTPRINT also began actively exploring, experimenting and learning how to efficiently build and engage with an organic viewing audience through social media and various digital marketing strategies. As a result, we saw over 1028% growth in number of videos streamed on FOOTPRINT in 2017 over 2016 when we took over the network. We’re just getting started!

In the 2nd half of 2017, Endavo was very fortunate to forge a partnership with Metro Atlanta Chamber of Commerce and ChooseATL, to create and launch a groundbreaking metro-area creator network, called THEA. THEA was launched in November with 15 incredible Atlanta-based VOD channels and over 250 video titles, showcasing some amazing content that is being created here in “The A”. ChooseATL plans to grow the number of channels and distribution for THEA in 2018 to become the premier destination for digital creators to showcase Atlanta content to the world and monetize through sponsorship and advertising, from brands wanting to be a part of this next-generation OTT network. Endavo is proud to be the platform partner providing the entire MCN management and OTT delivery infrastructure, as well as the THEA website and apps. The THEA experience is built on Endavo’s responsive website, iOS app and Android app frameworks. We are also planning to release THEA on Apple TV and Roku in mid January. We are very excited to be involved with THEA, which also stands as a model for OTT community networks.

Alongside our MCN initiatives in 2017, Endavo also continued to support its enterprise OTT platform clients and partners. We are the platform for multiple AVOD and SVOD services that deliver on-demand and live streaming services to subscribers and fans everywhere. Our SVOD partners experienced as much as 153% subscriber growth in 2017. We delivered approximately 2 million video streams and hosted over 10,000 video titles. We also delivered more than 250 live streaming events in 2017. We are carefully exploring how to continue growing our enterprise OTT platform business alongside our Endavo Digital Networks strategy.

In 2018, we plan to focus and expand our efforts on building distribution for FOOTPRINT, as well as other Endavo Digital Network partners. We’ll do this by expanding and innovating our grass roots digital marketing strategies and campaigns for the network, channels and content. As the business models underlying OTT media and entertainment continue to evolve, so will we continue to grow and innovate, in terms of helping our content partners discover new ways to generate revenue for their content and production funding. For example, we plan to launch OTT Fest in 2018, which will serve as a unique festival platform for creators to submit their new shows and content for the purpose of gaining market exposure, distribution, sponsorship, funding and, ultimately, OTT distribution and monetization. We’ll also continue initiatives begun in 2017 to develop B2B partnerships with global OTT networks and service providers seeking content syndicated partnership opportunities.

2017 was truly a pivotal year for Endavo. We now plan to build on our vision, innovation and successes, as we continue to reinvent over-the-top media and entertainment distribution in 2018! Stay tuned and in touch with us.



THEA is here!

We are very excited to be the platform for THEA, your new favorite video network. THEA is rooted in Atlanta but made for the world. We have partnered with ChooseATL to create this next-gen MCN for Atlanta creators. THEA (The A – Atlanta personified) was announced this month during Metro Atlanta Chamber’s annual meeting, which was held at the new Mercedes Benz Stadium, home of the Falcons and Atlanta United. It was incredible as THEA was announced with major fanfare.

THEA isn’t your typical video network. It’s a place where you can journey through engaging, inspiring work from real-life creators — whether that be documentaries or mini-series or music videos. It’s a platform, but it’s also a community for creative talent. For us, THEA is another Endavo Digital Network proving the value of our multichannel network platform for OTT distribution.

Check out THEA! Get the app! If you’re an ATL creator or brand, get in touch!


Our New Responsive Website and App Frameworks for MCN

We’re excited to announce the release of our new responsive video website framework, as well as mobile OTT apps for iOS and Android smartphones and tablets. Our new UI/UX frameworks are specifically designed to deliver our multi-channel networks (MCN), such as FOOTPRINT, as well as branded OTT apps for our channel partners. We’re now fully-equipped to launch channels on our networks and even partner apps, within just days, and deliver an amazing OTT video experience at a fraction of the cost and time to market as our competitors. The landscape for distributing premium OTT video content is changing rapidly and we’re in a position to stay very flexible to maneuver with changing viewer trends and new distribution outlets as the market evolves around us.

We encourage professional and pro-am content creators to submit sample content through FOOTPRINT UPLOAD or reach out to us directly if you’re ready to launch your own branded OTT video service across all the main OTT platforms. In addition to our website and mobile app frameworks, we deliver Roku channels and we’re very close to releasing our Amazon Fire TV and Apple TV app frameworks.

To see our website framework, visit FOOTPRINT online.

Get FOOTPRINT apps in the iTunes App Store or Google Play.


Endavo MCN Platform

Endavo Launches MCN Platform for Next-Gen OTT-TV

Multichannel Networks (MCNs) have gained tremendous exposure and valuation in recent months, especially riding the success of YouTube viewership and content creation. MCNs have offered YouTube content creators value and assistance in areas such as product, programming, funding, monetization, cross-promotion, partner management and audience development. As a result of incredible growth in this industry segment, MCNs have been given some very high valuations in the M&A marketplace, including Disney’s acquisition of Makers Studios for $500 million and Dreamworks $117 million deal with Awesomeness TV, to name a couple.

We believe that the MCN model will quickly evolve beyond YouTube, as TV broadcasters, networks and service providers, as well as new OTT market entrants, will begin to build out MCN businesses, which will increasingly include OTT content creators, in addition to “TV” content. For example, local TV broadcasters are looking online for fresh news content that will supplement local TV news, in hopes of reaching millenials. TV distributors will be interested in the MCN model because they are leveraging their networks and content into multiplatform OTT distribution, therefore offer reach and legitimacy in the space. New MCNs in the OTT-TV market can offer content creators audience building and cross-promotion, monetization, programming/channel optimization, distribution/publishing rights management, and even funding and production assistance. The MCN model opens a source for new content for broadcast TV networks and service providers, as well as OTT-TV, so traditional media companies can use MCN models to mine content creators they can elevate to broadcast TV formats.

To help catalyze the emergence of Multichannel Networks, Endavo has launched its new MCN Platform, which fully empowers the next-generation of OTT-TV. Endavo now enables OTT video service providers with a turnkey, cloud-based solution that serves as a cost-effective platform to fast-track content ingestion, management, distribution and monetization of OTT channels over connected devices, with seamless and amazing user experiences.

Click here to read more: Endavo MCN Platform Overview