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We are excited to be speaking at the Digital Asset Symposium (DAS) being held May 4th in New York City. It’s a great line up of speakers and case studies. DAS is all about focusing on real projects in the real world of managing, using and leveraging digital assets. Register at

Our CEO, Paul D Hamm, will be presenting “Emerging Business Models – We’re Down with OTT“. During this session, you will hear case studies and gain some insight on new opportunities to leverage new models and technologies to reach and grow audiences “over the top”, as well as create new business models.

AMIA’s Digital Asset Symposium (DAS) brings together speakers and case studies from a broad range of disciplines at the cross-section of theory and the practice. Constantly evolving technology creates new opportunities as well as new challenges in the use and management of content. While these are ever-changing, they are not unique to a given organization or field. Gathering and sharing with peers from a wide range of organizations offers the possibility to generate and gain new insights. DAS is the place where these catalytic connections and conversations happen. Take action and register today! Visit to register and for the latest information on the New York event.

We’re Down with OTT …and on TV!

Our CEO, Paul Hamm, was interviewed on Atlanta Tech Edge, which aired on Sunday (3/20) on Atlanta station 11Alive (NBC). During the interview, Paul discusses OTT, Multichannel Networks (MCN) and User-Generated Content (UGC), along with providing some general OTT market insight. The interview was also published online, along with extended Q&A conducted with the show’s producer – Click here for the entire post.

Culture Creators_Wildness

This is why we EnGage!

Thank you to Wildness for a fantastic infographic that helps explain why wer’re building the EnGage UGC platform. First of all, young connected consumers are not watching TV on TV. According to Wildness research, 0 in 10 generation Z  Culture Consumers would keep their television if left with only one device! ZERO!! 70% prefer streaming over broadcast or cable.

But just as important to us, these post-internet generation consumers are also Culture Creators. 80% find expressing themselves creatively is important. Over 25% post original video at least weekly.

If you’re in TV, sports, news, or any digital content business, it will be wise to pay attention to the behavior of this generation of Culture Consumers, Creators and Collaborators. We are paying attention, and this drives our mission to continue developing innovative new ways of distributing and monetizing OTT, aggregating content creators from the digital universe, and empowering consumers to create and collaborate, as well as consume. EnGage is being built to empower Culture Creators to contribute content to their digital communities and create or join the conversation.

Here’s a pdf of the Wildness Infographic, check it out - Culture Creators


Case Study: How Does Georgia’s First Multichannel Digital Video Network Solve Technology Platform Challenges?

The following case study was published in Technology Association of Georgia’s HUB Magazine in October 2015 (link to full article:…

The Challenge
Online video has evolved significantly in the past couple years and now has become a disruptive force in the TV industry. A new industry of multichannel networks, or MCNs, have emerged to provide important enabling technologies and services to original digital video creators who are producing content for YouTube and other digital video networks. Footprint.TV is a newly formed, Georgia-based multichannel network, formed by a handful of highly-experienced digital media and production executives from Georgia and New York, who joined forces to capitalize on major shifts occurring in digital entertainment. Footprint.TV is a MCN seeking to help digital content creators find new distribution channels, build digital audience and revenue streams, and even help them with content production. One of the first big challenges that Footprint.TV recognized was the necessity to have a technology platform that could enable them to aggregate, manage and distribute content creators, who would be syndicating their digital channels over the Internet from disparate networks, locations and technologies. The platform would also need to be able to easily and cost-effectively scale as distribution and the business grows.
The Choices
Footprint.TV either needed to begin developing its own technology platform or it would need to find a partner who could provide all the necessary components of this new digital video network. Building their own required a significant capital investment and would likely take months or years to build. Therefore, Footprint.TV’s founders began their search for a technology platform partner. Fortunately, they did not have to look very far.
The Solution
Another Georgia-based company, Endavo Media, was able to solve Footprint.TV’s technology challenges with its OTT Video Services and MCN Platform. Endavo has been in the Internet video industry and has been streaming video for global clients since 2007. The company has continued to develop its platform and solutions to meet the challenges of a rapidly growing and changing TV and digital media industry. Endavo execs recognized that the recent emergence of multichannel networks on YouTube would likely become yet another disruptive force to the TV industry as they are helping to create, curate and package premium content and entertainment completely outside of the traditional TV ecosystem. MCNs are capturing an increasing amount of the attention of so-called “cord cutters” and “cord nevers”, who largely avoid the traditional television. Endavo’s MCN Platform was the perfect fit for Footprint.TV, since it is entirely cloud-based, scalable and designed specifically to facilitate the evolution of digital entertainment with very quick implementation, open architecture, no capital expenditure and relatively low operating costs.
The Results
As a result of the Endavo platform, Footprint.TV has been able to quickly show a working proof of concept for its new multichannel video network to content creators ( without having to spend months or years and hundreds of thousands of dollars to build their own technology platform. The Endavo platform is enabling Footprint.TV to develop its business plan very quickly by providing the instant ability to easily acquire digital channels from various content creators seeking new distribution channels. In only a couple months, Footprint.TV has aggregated over 30 digital video-on-demand channels from various content creators, in addition producing their own content. Getting launched quickly also enabled Footprint.TV to forge yet another Georgia partnership with NDN (News Distribution Network) for news content and advertising revenue. Footprint.TV is now approaching local TV broadcasters and pay TV service providers across the U.S. with a new source of “millennial” content and potential revenue streams, as the traditional TV providers are also seeking to adapt to the significant shifts that are taking place in video entertainment consumption.
Contributed by:
Paul D Hamm, CEO, Endavo Media

PDF of Article: HUB_Magazine_Article_Endavo_MCN_2015October

OTT Video Services Platform

OTT, MCN, UGC. Endavo Launches New Products and Website

The OTT video market is moving fast and, at Endavo, we’re working hard to stay ahead. Today, we are focusing our platform and solutions on 3 main “digital media” pillars:  OTT, MCN and UGC. We also launched our freshly updated website today to reflect our evolution as a leading OTT solutions provider.

  1. OTT Video Services – The TV and digital entertainment ecosystem is moving “over the top” at warp speed now. Endavo’s core platform has been supporting premium OTT services for over 7 years and we’ll continue bringing the fastest, most flexible, cost effective, and overall best solutions in the business. It just keeps getting better!
  2. Multichannel Networks – The universe of digital content is quickly evolving beyond traditional TV. Especially for younger generations, many of today’s entertainment (“TV”) stars come from YouTube and the Internet, not from TV. We’re uniquely positioned with a MCN platform that enables the aggregation and management of next-generation digital entertainment that will redefine what “TV” means for broadcasters, service providers and next-generation OTT networks seeking to reinvent TV, differentiate and evolve with the paradigm shift that is happening.
  3. User-Generated Content – in the new era of Meerkat and Periscope, personal broadcasting and high-quality user content has caught fire in 2015. The quality of smartphone video has skyrocketed. GoPro is selling like hotcakes. Endavo’s new EnGage Mobile App and UGC system enables the acquisition of mobile reporter or fan produced content, through an amazing branded app experience and integrated with the Endavo platform, for instant OTT distribution or for inclusion into production/video workflow.

 We are very excited about the future of digital (OTT) entertainment and Endavo’s position to drive TV REINVENTED! Come chat with us about it.

Endavo MCN Platform

Endavo Launches MCN Platform for Next-Gen OTT-TV

Multichannel Networks (MCNs) have gained tremendous exposure and valuation in recent months, especially riding the success of YouTube viewership and content creation. MCNs have offered YouTube content creators value and assistance in areas such as product, programming, funding, monetization, cross-promotion, partner management and audience development. As a result of incredible growth in this industry segment, MCNs have been given some very high valuations in the M&A marketplace, including Disney’s acquisition of Makers Studios for $500 million and Dreamworks $117 million deal with Awesomeness TV, to name a couple.

We believe that the MCN model will quickly evolve beyond YouTube, as TV broadcasters, networks and service providers, as well as new OTT market entrants, will begin to build out MCN businesses, which will increasingly include OTT content creators, in addition to “TV” content. For example, local TV broadcasters are looking online for fresh news content that will supplement local TV news, in hopes of reaching millenials. TV distributors will be interested in the MCN model because they are leveraging their networks and content into multiplatform OTT distribution, therefore offer reach and legitimacy in the space. New MCNs in the OTT-TV market can offer content creators audience building and cross-promotion, monetization, programming/channel optimization, distribution/publishing rights management, and even funding and production assistance. The MCN model opens a source for new content for broadcast TV networks and service providers, as well as OTT-TV, so traditional media companies can use MCN models to mine content creators they can elevate to broadcast TV formats.

To help catalyze the emergence of Multichannel Networks, Endavo has launched its new MCN Platform, which fully empowers the next-generation of OTT-TV. Endavo now enables OTT video service providers with a turnkey, cloud-based solution that serves as a cost-effective platform to fast-track content ingestion, management, distribution and monetization of OTT channels over connected devices, with seamless and amazing user experiences.

Click here to read more: Endavo MCN Platform Overview


20 Most Promising Media & Entertainment Tech Solution Providers

Endavo Named Among 20 Most Promising M&E Tech Solution Providers

Endavo was recently named among the 20 Most Promising Media & Entertainment Technology Solution Providers in 2015 by CIO Review Magazine. According to CIO Review, “the media and entertainment industry is a unique amalgam of disruptive technology and unconventional trends. Over the years, a myriad of companies that provide ingenious products and solutions have unwaveringly entered into this arena to serve the constantly-changing needs of [M&E] customers.” This edition of CIO Review features “the best solution and service providers offering tools and services available on the media and entertainment platform.” Endavo was selected as a top player from over 300 companies considered.

In an article inside this edition of CIO Review, our CEO, Paul D Hamm, explains how Endavo is expanding its foothold into the U.S. media and entertainment market, as TV broadcasters and pay TV providers are increasingly ready to adopt and execute on OTT strategies. The article goes on to explain how Endavo has developed its platform to support new OTT models, such as multichannel networks. “We are foreseeing success in next-generation TV networks, which is an emerging market that will overtake traditional media,” Paul says.

To access a PDF copy of the article: Driving the Media and Entertainment Industry to Next Generation TV Services


Endavo Welcomes David Price

We are pleased to announce the addition of David Price to Endavo’s core management team as Director of Solutions, Strategy and Delivery. We are very excited to have David on board, as he is a proven technology pioneer who is bringing a vast amount of experience from CNN and other high-tech firms to Endavo, which will translate for us into greatly improved UX/UI design and solution delivery for our OTT video clients and accelerated innovation and evolution of our OTT products, services and solutions.

About David:

David possesses a unique creative business approach and experience in developing newly emerging, high-impact technologies. After receiving a BFA from the University of Georgia in Computer Graphics and Engineering, David began working with 3D animation systems and joined Alias Systems, a high-end 3D graphics software firm that was later acquired by Autodesk. Alias was directly responsible for many highly innovative movements into realistic and life-like graphics that are used throughout the film and gaming industry today.

David then took his tech innovation experience to Microleague Multimedia Inc (MMI), a gaming software start-up, where he worked deeply with leading-edge motion capture and 3D technologies for a few years before joining CNN.

At CNN, David was integral in the development of graphics technologies that became notable acquisitions in the industry. For example, David led early development of real-time 3D maps with a little-known company named Keyhole, which was later acquired by Google and is now more widely known as Google Earth and Google Maps. David also helped develop post-production editing workflow technologies with Proximity, which was acquired by Apple in 2006, and is now used for Apple’s Final Cut Server video-editing workflow product.  David’s work history with CNN also included early development of live graphics, template-based workflows and America’s first  live-rendered 3D news ticker system.

David soon found himself either directly or indirectly involved with virtually all new technologies coming through CNN and across much of Turner Broadcasting as well. With his sights acutely ahead of the technology, David led all of the CNN creative groups in their transition from Standard-Definition (SD) to High-Definition (HD) video, followed by development of IPTV-based workflows and then giant TV touch-screens known as  “Magic Walls” used on TV by CNN’s anchors.  Shortly before David left CNN he was helping develop CNN’s cutting-edge iPhone/iOS newsgathering kits, while also piloting field production projects using news-gathering video drones.

As of 2014, CNN Worldwide represented a portfolio of more than two-dozen news and information services across cable, satellite, radio, wireless devices and the Internet, in more than 200 countries worldwide. In the United States, CNN reaches more individuals on television, the web and mobile devices than any other TV news organization. Internationally, CNN is the most widely distributed news channel reaching more than 260 million households abroad. CNN Digital Network is consistently the No.1 current events and news destination on the web. For over 15 years, David was a key factor in the success of CNN’s adoption and implementation of new digital technologies.

About joining Endavo David stated, “I could not be happier with the company I now call home. I have the ability to continue to exercise my passion for highly innovative, creative technology and I am working with a team possessing incredible domain expertise in OTT technologies. Endavo is very well positioned for success, having lived and  survived the difficult ‘bleeding-edge‘ cycle of new IP video technology and consumer adoption of connected devices. Endavo now finds itself in the more lucrative ‘cutting-edge’ phase of the technology cycle, ready for the industry’s fast approaching transition onto their existing foundation of professional skills and expertise.“

Endavo Media specializes in powerful enterprise solutions for managing, distributing and monetizing digital media and entertainment media services in the new era of “over the top” TV. As evidenced by recent announcements by HBO, CBS, Dish, and Apple, the OTT market is heating up in 2015. The addition of David to our team to help accelerate our solutions, strategy and delivery could not have come at a better time.

CABSAT Dubai World Trade Centre

Endavo Exhibiting at CABSAT, Dubai

If you’re in Dubai next week, come meet Endavo in Dubai at CABSAT, being held 10-12 March 2015 at Dubai World Trade Centre! For 21 years, CABSAT has evolved to be the number one event in the Middle East, Africa, and South Asia region for all industry professionals within the Broadcast, Satellite, Content Delivery and Digital Media sectors. CABSAT covers the creation, exchange, management, distribution and monetization of all filmed entertainment and radio content. 

At CABSAT, we will be demonstrating our OTT video solutions being provided for local clients, including Dubai Media Inc. and In the MENA region and around the world, Endavo is providing innovative technology solutions and services today that are helping to reinvent how media and entertainment is being delivered, experienced and monetized.

The next generation of TV is going “over the top” and furiously headed our way! We look forward to talking with conference attendees more about it, and showing what Endavo can do, at CABSAT this week.

Contact our CEO Paul Hamm in Dubai at +971 50 350 9673 or send us an email

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